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@WinkAndDrink: Saturday afternoon, get out and enjoy the weekend. Invite a frient for drinks and find out where it takes you...

@WinkAndDrink: No show? No prob, pull out our appand discover someone new...

With all the dating apps, which is the best fit for you?
Find out by selecting the scenarios which match your style...

Who needs social interactions like going out for dinner or to the movies? You get your kicks fliping through photos from home.


If, on the other hand, you don't have time to swipe through inactive photos, and you'd rather chose the single best active profile, our app is for you!

You enjoy 'collecting' interests. You work every day to add another match (or two) to your harim of matches, #203... #204... #205...


You value meaningful connections. A limited number of matches, on both sides, encourages real connections, beyond just a the random "Hey, what's up?"

You're an optimist... you always click yes to the 10's. "I'm going to eventually match with one." Who needs realism when you can shoot for the stars? (Literally)


You have a pretty face, but don't want to leave it to chance. To go the extra mile with a profile you're interested in, you respond to questions they've crafted beforehand

You leave your fate to random chance, maybe you get lucky and your photo is picked among the endless others.


You appreciate a dose of realism, the most attractive profiles get all the attention. In the real world, people with the most attention aren't necessarily the best option.